torsdag 29. januar 2009

(N) Summit`s C - litter 13 weeks old :)

I think I shall write in English. All can English, but not all can Norwegain :P But you know my english is bad. I try my best!! :)

(N) Summit`s Behice Bluebelle & (N) Summit`s Beyhan Buffy from B - litter.
Behice move to New Zealand February 4th and Beyhan to Oslo February 3th. Behice shall travel loooong way
Here is pictures about C - litter 13 weeks old. Beyhan & Behice from B - litter, Cevher & Cahit from C - litter move next week.. Cevahir move in week 8.

(N) Summit`s Cemal Calimero (TUA e)
(N) Summit`s Cahit Chester (TUA ns24)
(N) Summit`s Cevahir Corvette (TUA ds23)
(N) Summit`s Cevher Cassidy (TUA n24)
(N) Summit`s Caymaz Calypso (TUA d22)

and more pictures about kittens together!! :)

(N) Summit`s Cemal Calimero, Cahit Chester & Cevher Cassidy

(N) Summit`s Caymaz Calypso & (N) Summit`s Cemal Calimero

and the last pictures about 2 beautiful kittens with names
(N) Summit`s Caymaz Calypso and (N) Summit`s Cevahir Corvette

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