lørdag 27. februar 2010

(N) Summit`s E-Litter 4 weeks old

Hello all!

Here is new pictures about (N) Summit`s E_litter 4 weeks old!


(N) Summit`s Electra Eyla (TUA w62)

(N) Summit`s Ezgi Ezima (TUA a03)

(N) Summit`s Erivan Evita (TUA a)

(N) Summit`s Enisa Ezetta (TUA a03 23)



lørdag 6. februar 2010

(N) Summit`s E-litter 1 week old

Hello all!

30th January get Cassandra 5 kittens , unfortunately died one.
It is a blue male, 1 blue white females.1 blue white tabby and one white female.

There were little problems with the birth. It began Friday night and stopped up. Early the 30th January I had to go to vet.with Cassandra there they take cecerian on her.  

Cassandra is spayed now so she will not go further in breeding.  Kittens and Cassandra is very fine.

The proud parents are IC Cassandra de la Mer de Marmara (TUA w61)

and FIN *Elekatin Q` Elmer (TUA A09)