torsdag 23. juli 2009

My new male FIN*Elekatin Q`Elmer (TUA a09) and show results!

Hello all!!

Now it`s a while since I`ve written here. Have been a lot buy lately. Cassandra took her 10. NOM for 1 year 2 weeks ago. she has just been bragged about on all the shows she has been on.

This weekend I picked up my new male from Finland. FIN*Elekatin Q`Elmer (TUA a 09) He was NOM both days at Järva in Stockholm, Sweden this weekend. He has the most wonderful temperament, he`s just perfect! Cannot wait to get to know him! When we came home Atzeka got her period so we`ll se if there have become any kittens from the mating. I will post some pictures of my new stud, Q`Elmer and from the show!

Cassandra de la Mer de Marmara got her both CAGCIB and BIV this weekend
Nora got her both CACS, she has only one CACS again until she is FIFè Supreme Champion!
Giovanna my Turkish Van became FIFè Int.Champion on sunday and NOM saturday!