mandag 20. april 2009

Mona-Lisa Vom Adlerwappen has coming home! :)

Ohhh!! I am so glad and happy! My Collie bitch has coming home!
She is so kind and happy Collie now! :)
Thanks to Kennel Kelilis for all help :)

And few pictures from dogshow from this weekend (only Collies).

mandag 6. april 2009

WOW for a weeked!!! :D

I can well try to write in here. Is quite shock even ..

NORTYRK has Turk show in Norway this weekend. Turks Special was the 3 judges who judged TUA and TUV with regular scoring each judge was to take out a Turks that would go further in turks panel ... The judges voted for the cat who would be Number1, 2 and 3. It was Cassandra de la Mer de Marmara (TUA w61), DK*Silkyvans Giovanna (TUV d62) owner of both is me. (N) Sirena `s Matilda The Black One is (N) Sirena`s Cattery, both breeder and owner for..

Best Turks was Cassandra de la Mer de Marmara (TUA w61) the owner is me
2. Best Turks was: DK*Silkyvans Giovanna (TUV d62) owns me
3.Best Turks were: (N) Sirena `s Matilda The Black One. owner Sirena `s..
There were 28 registered turks on this show!

I am really happy!

Cassandra class. 7 = CACIB, BIV, NOM
Atzeka class. 9 = CAC / CHAMPION
Giovanna class. 11 = EX 1, & bIV
Nora class 3 = EX 2

Cassandra class 7 = CACIB, BIV, NOM, and the panel was 3-3 then had a separate judge, when she give her vote to one NFO.
Atzeka class 7 = CACIB
Giovanna class 11 = EX 1, BIV, NOM & BEST IN SHOW
Nora class 3 = EX 2

I can not even that Giovanna became BEST IN SHOW! I had no expectations for it!

Both days there were many TUA in the panel and Giovanna who was the TUV on Sunday! ;)