fredag 25. september 2009

(N) Summit`s D-litter is born!

Yesterday Atzeka gave birth to 5 kittens. Unfortunately one male was stillborn. The birth started about 22 o`clock and 5 kittens came quite fast. At last, about 01 AM, when I surely thought the birth was over, there actually was one more kitten inside. A creme male came out and ended the whole act. So now we have 5 wonderful kittens and one little angel! 

(N) Summit`s Dancing Queen (TUA g09) Female

(N) Summit`s Dancing Ninja (TUA a) Male

(N) Summit`s Dancing For Love (TUA n23?) Female

(N) Summit`s Dancing Princess (TUA g 09) Female

(N) Summit`s Dancing King (TUA e?) Male