onsdag 18. februar 2009

Some pictures of my cats!

Today got Cevahir, Caymaz and Cemal their last vaccine ..
Sunday move Cevahir from me :( He move to Oslo ..

Today moved Giovanna to her host in Tromsoe..

I think Giovanna will thrive there. where she will live with e dog of the breed buldogg;) Hosts is a very serious lady:) Can not wait to see how it will go:)

Atzeka is bee so beautiful lady :)

(N) Summit`s Cemal Calimero (TUA e) 16 weeks old

(N) Summit`s Cevahir Corvette (TUA ds 23) 16 weeks old

(N) Summit`s Caymaz Calypso (TUa d22) 16 weeks old

and some pictures about my "old" cats :)

(N) Summit`s Atzeka (TUA fs 24) (mother to C - litter)

GIC S*Zippycat`s Nora (TUA w63) (mother to Atzeka :D )
and last: Cassandra de la Mer de Marmara (TUa w61)

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